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YLE standardizes on NOA for digitization of its legacy archive


VIENNA, Austria — April. 24, 2012

In the past YLE has relied on a combination of solutions from both NOA and  other vendors, but now has replaced those products with a variety of NOA products to create an end-to-end NOA digitization setup.

“We’ve been running several NOA systems since 2003 with great success, so when it came time to review our installation, we decided to consolidate all ingest clients onto the NOA platform,” said Jouni Frilander, [title] at YLE. “With NOA, we can extend our throughput with the integration of the existing archive workflows, including the connection to the database. We also appreciate the ability to detect splices and cuts on tape reliably via the N6035L tape light barrier.”

YLE added software and hardware from NOA’s ingestLINE™ media transcription system, including an extension of its existing NOARecord tool for ingesting tape, vinyl, DAT, cassette, records, 78s, and cylinders; an N6000 mainframe; four N6191 A/D converters; four N6035 tape light barriers; and four N6232 remote control cards. YLE also extended the capabilities of its existing actLINE™ software package with a MediaButler transcoding processor for transcoding files from linear format to many other formats. The new additions integrated with YLE’s other existing NOA products – the jobDB™ workflow creation tool, and the MediaLector tool for ingesting cartridge media such as DAT, MiniDisc, and cassettes.

 “Our relationship with YLE started almost 10 years ago, and the systems are still going strong,” said Jean-Christophe Kummer, NOA CEO. “We fully commit to the longevity of our solutions, and as YLE proves, it’s possible to extend the capabilities of the systems even several years later. What’s more, the system is fully integrated into the archive workflow via dedicated interfaces, which allows YLE users to forget about the technology and focus on their work.”

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About YLE
Founded in 1926, Yleisradio (YLE) is Finland's national public broadcasting company. It shares many of its characteristics with its British counterpart the BBC, on which it was largely modeled. It employs around 3,200 people in Finland. YLE operates four national television channels, 13 radio channels and services, and 25 regional radio stations. In the field of international broadcasting, one of YLE's best known services is Nuntii Latini, the news in Latin, which is broadcast worldwide and made available over the Internet. YLE was also one of 23 founding broadcasting organizations of the European Broadcasting Union in 1950.

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