NOA's native, multi-instance media transcoding engine designed for high-throughput processing of audio and video files with full workflow integration and exceptional scaling opportunities.

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Smooth archive operations with native processing!

Deep integration with archive workflow engines.

Wide audio and video media format support.

High redundancy, parallelism and scaling possibilities.

... and a lot more!

Next Gen Archive Transcoding

MediaButler transcoding engines are deployed in one or multiple instances on dedicated high-performance servers. The servers are equipped with the necessary internal disk storage to provide enough capacity and performance. Multiple servers can work in a colaborative manner on the same workflow, much like a server farm.

The Power of Transcoding Farms

MediaButler's architecture enables the utilization of distributed transcoding power even within an archive context. This setup typically entails multiple standard COTS servers running multiple instances of MediaButler for higher throughput and scalability

Ther Power of Horizontal Scaling

MediaButler can be deployed as either a single-instance or a multiple-instance application. In the multiple-instance setup, each instance running on the same machine contributes to a grid-based processing chain. This allows parallel processing of tasks.

The Power of Transcoding Profiles

MediaButler profiles serve as intelligent 'execution plans' that can be utilized as required and switched using task parameters. Among their capabilities, they enable a single MediaButler instance to generate multiple output files within the same task.

The Power of Workflows

NOA's highly configurable tools and customizable workflows allow to design specific usage patterns. Custom worflows and trancscoding profiles allow one input file to be processed by multiple MediaButler instances into different output media files.


Built for Quality

Standard-compliant encoding managed by a workflow engine.


All main audio and video codecs and lossless compression formats.

Advanced Processing

Advanced audio and video normalization, overlays etc.


Possible integration with 3rd party tools and transcoders.

No Vendor Lock-in

Runs on standard commercial off-the-shelf hardware of your choice.

150+ engines

powering media workflows in archives worldwide!

10.000+ files

processed every day worldwide!

15+ years

of know-how and experience embedded!

Media Formats

MediaButler supports several input and output formats for both audio and video, either natively or via 3rd party encoding tools.
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directly for a comprehensive list of currently supported file formats.

Audio Output Formats
Video Output Formats
MP3 DV25 / DVCPro50
AAC AVCIntra 50/100
WMA H264 / AAC MP4
 AIFFRAW / Uncompressed

Audio Formats

Input Formats Output Formats Containers
WAV PCM (32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz / 16, 24, 32bit) BWF, WAV
MPEG-1 Layer 2 (64 kbit-384 kbit/s) MP2
  MPEG-1 Layer 3 (64 kbit-384 kbit/s)MP3 (ID3v1 and ID3v2 supported)
FLAC (for 16 and 24 bit files) FLAC
Vorbis OGG

Other input formats are supported using the optional WaveScanner.

Audio Processing

icon Start/stop file-splitting based upon workflow parameters
icon Normalization of values towards target value or peak value (processing in 32 bit float) Within this step,a normalization towards a dedicated value can be performed
icon Dithering: on/off based upon triangular-shape dither
icon Change of target bitrate towards 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit IEEE float
icon Channel mode: stereo, mono, left to mono, right to mono, leave original
icon Resampling: target sample rate 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176,4 and 192 kHz, as well as normal and double

Video Formats

Input Formats Output Formats Containers
HuffYUV/FFvHuff + PCM 24bit multichannel (AVI; mathematically lossless internal working format) FFV1 + PCM 24bit multichannel (mathematically lossless compression)
IMX50-D10 + PCM 16/24bit multichannel
MXF OP1a *)
DV25/DVCPro50 + PCM 16/24bit multichannel
MXF OP1a *)
XDCAM HD422 + PCM 24bit multichannel MXF OP1a *)
AVCIntra50/100 + PCM 24bit multichannel MXF OP1a *)
Uncompressed 4:2:2 8bit + PCM 16/24bit multichannel
Uncompressed 4:2:2 10bit + PCM 16/24bit multichannel
H.264 + AAC MP4, DASH MP4
WMV (deprecated proxy)

*) All MXF OP1a formats compliant to SMPTE ST377 

Other input formats are supported using the optional VideoScanner.

Other video transcoding functionalities can be added through third-party libraries seamlessly, with easy parameter addition in transcoding profiles.

Tobias Rapp

NOA, Senior Developer

"MediaButler is NOA's unique solution for managing media in our 21st century archive solutions. Highly integrated with the jobDB and mediARC systems it forms the backbone of all our media workflows. We take pride in continually improving the product, while maintaining compatibility with existing archived media files. MediaButler provides high-quality transcoding to the archiving world."