Typical Setup

jobDB™ Typical Setup

jobDB™ Typical Setup

Each project is unique, and NOA's market-leading Archive Workflow Management system is adept at handling a diverse range of projects, whether they are small-scale or extensive factory-size installations!

THE digitization factory

The jobDB framework is a distributed client-server system, incorporating a central MSSQL database, NOA middleware (ProcessorHost and API), jobDB ControlCenter for task execution and administration, and various actLINE and ingestLINE processors. All file processing operations revolve around the central logical storage component, GPP (General Public Path).

Flexible Architecture

Typical jobDB systems operate with up to 200 processors in distributed environments. The modular nature of all ingest and processor applications, alongside a very flexible licensing model, allows NOA to design high-performance systems for every customer.

Scalable Solutions

The jobDB framework allows simple project setups for small-scale operations or proof-of-concept setups for slow-starting projects with limited budgets...

Building a digitization factory

Preservation projects vary in size, starting from small Proof of Concepts (POCs) for budget approvals to downscaled setups initiated by service providers, or expanding suddenly to extreme proportions. NOA's modular jobDB framework enables seamless scaling, accommodating your performance, quality, security, and distributed workload needs.

Start slow with 2.000 hours in the first year and progressively grow to 16 or 32 channels?
No problem!

Connect regional archive collections after a while by making a remote inventory?
No Problem!

Archive Workflow Management Perfection!

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Starting View

Simple direct access to Searches, Reports, and general overview of running tasks.


Carriers can be assigned to any Collection. An unlimited amount of Collections helps to organise archive repositories depending on their location, content, work allocation, etc.


Carriers are part of a collection and represent the physical artifact inside jobDB.


Root Parts represent the digital facsimile of a carrier and can be of several types (Ingest, Merge, Registration or Custom). Outgest Parts are segmented or unsegmented manifestations of the digital facsimile.


The currently assigned workflow is depicted here with its actual rundown state.

Jean-Christophe Kummer


"NOA is prepared to consistently demonstrate that achieving a 99.99% success rate in projects where efficiency, quality, and quantity are paramount is not only achievable but essential.

This commitment reflects NOA's dedication to delivering exceptional outcomes and underscores the imperative nature of maintaining high standards in digitization projects."


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NOA jobDB logo

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