NOA's unique quality assessment tool for intellectual validation and adjustment of video content designed to streamline and optimize your archive migration process.

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Quality and efficiency are (y)our top priorities. 

Systematic quality analysis, correction, segmentation, and annotation of content.

Precise measurements, comprehensive visual presentation, intuitive operation.

Workflow-integrated and streamlined process with high throughput.

... and a lot more!

Transfer QC and Technical Annotation

As a highly versatile tool, QualityChecker has multiple possible applications – fully integrated into a NOA migration workflow or even as a standalone process. QualityChecker workstations are normally placed in separate rooms to provide optimal conditions for focused analysis of audio and video. Operators load QC tasks from the workflow engine's queue, process the task, then submit created metadata and forward files for further processing.

Professional Video Quality Assessment

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Main Display

The main display shows the video content of the currently opened file set. QualityChecker plays video content with predefined media format settings (e.g. field order, aspect ratio, etc.), which may be changed for crosschecking or correction.

Marker Lists

This panel represents the vertical navigation tool of the opened fileset. Different tabs show essential quality information and allow direct navigation to the corresponding timecode in the recorded content.

Locator Control

Locator Control enables effortless navigation to a specific position which is achieved through several intuitive methods: typing in the desired time code, utilizing the mouseover function coupled with the mousewheel for small increments etc.

Play Control

Playback control allows the user not only to play, stop and pause the playback but also to switch between different playmodes like loop and preroll on detected quality events.

Audio and Video Levels

This section shows video levels (Y, Cb, Cr) as well as current audio levels and allows for a custom monitoring mix according to presets (e.g. only selected channels, inverted channels, etc.) to validate audio content.

Comments and Notes

This panel is used for placing and editing operator comments and flow notes. The comment is written to the ingest report, which will be forwarded with the final archive files. Notes can be appended at any time in the ingest flow as tool for workflow inter

Workflow and Task Control

For selection and closing of tasks, as well as access to ingest reports and optical scans of carriers and accompanying documents to validate content against available descriptive metadata.

Navigation Panel

Here, operators are presented with an overview on the captured media (audio and video) as well as technical information about content like luma and chroma values, quality events, cue markers etc. Problematic areas are made clearly visible.



German technology. Calculating and presenting 100% exact values, frame-exact navigation and processing, excellent outputs. 


The application provides a variety of tools, offering a holistic, thorough evaluation of every aspect of the loaded file.


Designed to enable technical annotation and splitting of full carrier-length recordings into content-based files - in a non-destructive way!


Quality assessment of digitization outputs, digitally born files, or files produced externally by a digitization service provider or 3rd-party content producer.


Support for additional data sources - ingest reports, 3rd party analysis tools or processors.

75+ stations

overseeing quality-controlled digitization workflows worldwide!

10 minutes

to correctly assess and process a 1-hour long recording

10+ years

of know-how and experience embedded!

Licensing & Scaling

As a client application, QualityChecker operates under a per-workstation licensing model. Within an industrial digitization facility, conducting a precise analysis of necessary work steps is crucial for determining the anticipated job throughput and the corresponding time requirements each day. This analysis enables the precise specification of the required number of workstations for the project, ensuring seamless operations and the elimination of production bottlenecks.

NOA assists all customers in determining their required throughput capacity
and tailors installations to achieve the best balance of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


NOA QualityChecker (v2.0)
NOA QualityChecker

Product brochure introducing NOA QualityChecker software

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