mediARC™ Scaling

mediARC™ Scaling

NOA's unique Archive Asset Management system is a highly scalable framework of applications that enables various methods of both vertical and horizontal scaling!

System Scaling

Flexible Architecture

The mediARC framework is a distributed client-server system, incorporating a central Oracle database, NOA middleware (DBDistributor, ProcessorHost and API), mediARC GUI and mediARC WEB client apps, and various actLINE processors.

Scalable Solutions

As systems and organizations expand in size and complexity, mediARC provides cost-effective solutions to scale local systems, connect and/or synchronize remote sites, and enhance business continuity.

Legacy Archive Digitization

mediARC's workflow engine not only supports born-digital archives but also fully integrates with NOA's native digitization tools from the ingestLINE product family, facilitating all-scale digitization projects.

Top Features

Average archive with 350 users, largest installation with 5000+
Robust and reliable support for multiple sites with millions of assets

Easy integration with existing 3rd party MAM and PAM systems

... and a lot more!

Millions of assets

managed by mediARC AAM systems worldwide!

10,000+ users

exploring archive contents using mediARC worldwide!

10,000+ tasks

processed by mediARC every day worldwide!


NOA mediARC logo
NOA mediARC logo

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MAA0001 Runtime Environment (v2.0)
MAA0001 Runtime Environment

Administrator Manual

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