The gold standard Archive Workflow Management system that allows archives, broadcasters and service providers to set up labor separated business processes for the inventory, scanning, quality controlled ingest of legacy AV archives, transcoding, and many other tasks in dedicated steps.

Efficiency and performance is (y)our ultimate priority! 

Integrated end-to-end framework built specifically for archives

Exceptional versatility, configurability, scalability

Unparalleled logistics, operations control and efficiency

... and a lot more!

How it Works

jobDB includes all the tools needed to transfer conventional carrier-based audio and video content to digital media objects. It can be combined with any number of ingestLINE and actLINE tools and processors to build powerful systems capable of handling archive projects of any size and complexity.

jobDB Archive Workflow Management

The archive workflow management logs ALL relevant data centrally over specific NOA middleware components towards ONE central log place.

Carrier and File Ingest

jobDB systems are built to organize mass digitization of physical audio and video carriers, but also allows to import related files to be used as attachments, or even digitally born media.

General Public Path

The General Public Path (often referred to as GPP) is a centrally reachable distributed physical storage, to which only processors have read and write access and serves for inter-task file communication during the execution of a workflow.

File Delivery

Files are moved towards a CIFS share / network path / HSM including all relevant technical Metadata, scans, MD5 checksums, XML Markerlists, ...

Native Client

The native jobDB ControlCenter client gives the users access to workflow management, workflow design, to-do tasks, inventory processes, reports, mass execution of workflows, and much more...

NOA and 3rd Party Processors

A vast range of transcoders, analysis tools, simple interfaces for user decisions, and file importers are available with NOA software. On top of that, any kind of 3rd party tool based upon CMD line or scripting can be joined to the jobDB workflow engine.

jobDB API and Interfaces

An optional API allows you to connect your own interfaces, messages, and control jobDB from another workflow system.



German technology built specifically for archives, with dozens of quality-related features.


From a few to hundreds of channels, running smoothly worldwide as proof.


Designed to drive projects of all sizes. From standalone setups to large factories.


Streamlined workflows, smart labor division, advanced logistics, excellent cost.


No NOA customer ever had to repeat a project or re-digitize content!

"The Google of workflows"

"Easy to organize and run hundreds of mass migration flows in the blink of an eye!"

10.000+ tasks

processed every day worldwide!

5.000.000+ hours

of content digitized worldwide!

1000+ files

processed in every installation, every day worldwide!

100+ channels

managed in digitization factories worldwide!

User Interface

All features of the jobDB Archive Workflow Management system are accessible through jobDB ControlCenter. This powerful, meticulously designed Windows application allows users, operators, and administrators to search the database, organize work, trigger workflows, interact with tasks, and configure and maintain the entire system.

Archive Workflow Management Perfection!

Explore the application by clicking the buttons or the picture itself!

Starting View

Simple direct access to Searches, Reports, and general overview of running tasks.


Carriers can be assigned to any Collection. An unlimited amount of Collections helps to organise archive repositories depending on their location, content, work allocation, etc.


Carriers are part of a collection and represent the physical artifact inside jobDB.


Root Parts represent the digital facsimile of a carrier and can be of several types (Ingest, Merge, Registration or Custom). Outgest Parts are segmented or unsegmented manifestations of the digital facsimile.


The currently assigned workflow is depicted here with its actual rundown state.


NOA jobDB logo
NOA jobDB logo

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