NOA's unique and versatile barcode reader interface designed to boost workflow efficiency within high-throughput digitization facilities and large archives.

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Quality and efficiency are (y)our top priorities.

Carrier Positioning System (CPS) for tracking the location of physical items.

Triggering complex business processes per media class.

Single or multiple barcode readers enabled per station.

... and a lot more!

Maximising Barcode Utility

Input Modes

Depending on use case, BarcodeStation will accept inputs in com and/or keyboard mode from attached barcode readers. Multiple readers may be attached to a single workstation to serve different tasks.


Depending on configuration, scanning of a barcode with a specifically configured barcode reader will execute scripts to influence a carrier's workflow or elements therein.


BarcodeStation Processors run predefined scripts, which interact with a workflow configured in the jobDB Archive Workflow Management system. Parameter values are exchanged and all communication is logged.


BarcodeStation Processors run predefined scripts, which interact with a workflow configured in the mediARC Archive Asset Management system. Parameter values are exchanged and all communication is logged.



Smart steering of workflows powered by configurable barcode-triggered actions.


Execute complex scripts upon scanning of barcodes in every environment.


Designed to drive projects of all sizes. Can be deployed virtually anywhere.


Runs on standard hardware including tablets, saves time, and prevents human errors.

Ease of use

Handsfree creation of complex database structures even without touching the computer.

1 second

to create multiple items, their relations, and basic metadata!

100+ terminals

boosting workflow efficiency worldwide!

1.000.000+ workflows

triggered by simply scanning a barcode worldwide!

Most Common Use Cases of BarcodeStation

Carrier Location Management
Carrier Registration
Info Station
BarcodeStation simplifies the task of setting a carrier's current physical location to a single barcode scan. This feature is essential for efficiently sorting carriers into transport containers, confirming their arrival at destinations, or accurately placing them back in the archive shelf. Its ease of use and accuracy enhances the carrier handling process.
In NOA's workflow solution, each carrier requires a specific dataset and a defined workflow, which it completes from start to finish. "Carrier registration" handles both the creation of datasets for new carriers and the activation of workflows for existing ones, ensuring smooth integration and progression through the system.
In facilities processing large volumes of carriers, misplacement can occasionally occur despite careful logistics management. BarcodeStation's InfoStation mode addresses this by allowing a quick barcode scan of a misplaced carrier, providing immediate guidance to reposition it correctly in the workflow. This feature streamlines the correction process, maintaining efficient carrier management.

Licensing & Scaling

As a client application, BarcodeStation operates under a per-workstation licensing model. Within an industrial digitization facility, conducting a precise analysis of necessary work steps is crucial for determining the anticipated job throughput and the corresponding time requirements each day. This analysis enables the precise specification of the required number of workstations for the project, ensuring seamless operations and the elimination of production bottlenecks.

NOA assists all customers in determining their required throughput capacity
and tailors installations to achieve the best balance of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.