mediARC™ Customization

mediARC™ Customization

NOA's cutting-edge Archive Asset Management system offers a wide range of possibilities for customizing the standard configuration and architecture to suit the individual needs of every customer!

Built for End-to-End Archive Management!

mediARC empowers organizations to create versatile, resilient, and competitive archives tailored to their unique needs and preferences. No archive process in mediARC is hard-coded. No metadata structure is fixed. No specific hardware is obligatory.
NOA's flagship product seamlessly accommodates diverse use cases from all around the world, making it a comprehensive solution for managing archives of any scale or complexity.

Reimagining Metadata

mediARC offers unparalleled flexibility in designing metadata schemes to suit the unique needs of any archive.

While adhering to the Dublin Core standard as a default model, mediARC empowers users to create complex hierarchical structures or simple flat listings, depending on their preferences.

Vladimir Hübner

NOA, Product Manager

"mediARC's well-documented workflow and task management tools empower every customer to enhance the feature set of their digital archive.

With mediARC, there's no need for custom development or endless investments to achieve desired improvements!"

Jean-Christophe Kummer


"The goal of every business process is efficiency, which manifests as cost savings in OPEX.

NOA develops unique tools that empower customers to discover their own ways of achieving optimal efficiency while maintaining the highest quality!"


NOA mediARC logo
NOA mediARC logo

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MAA0001 Runtime Environment (v2.0)
MAA0001 Runtime Environment

Administrator Manual

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