NOA Product Portfolio

NOA Product Portfolio

NOA specializes in crafting professional-grade software and hardware solutions tailored for multimedia archives, broadcasters, and digitization service providers.

NOA's product portfolio is organized into four distinct "product families" based on their intended mission and purpose. Explore this page to get an overview and feel free to delve deeper into each individual product by following the provided link.

Archive Digitization Tools

Professional, purpose-built digitization tools for archive preservation projects in the audio and video domain, guaranteeing flawless quality and outstanding cost-effectiveness.

Archive Workflow Management

The gold standard Archive Workflow Management system that allows to set up labor separated business processes for the inventory, scanning, quality controlled ingest of legacy AV archives.

Archive Asset Management

An enterprise-grade Archive Asset Management system, tailored specifically for multimedia archives, built for long-term preservation, archive processes and easy access to assets.

Workflow Apps and Server Processors

NOA's array of purpose-built powerful tools, user applications and server-side processors enhancing jobDB or mediARC systems flexibly and cost-effectively in all projects.
 PICO Audio and video digitization on a single-station workplace following the highest industry standards for workflow management, transfer quality, and encoding.
 NOARecord Multi-channel audio digitization solution designed for 1:1 transfer as well as high volume prallel throughput of analog and digital audio carriers with best-in-class transfer quality.
 FrameLector NOA's cutting-edge, multi-channel digitization tool designed for high-throughput processing of analog and digital video carriers with best-in-class transfer quality.
 CDLector NOA's CD-ripping tool features multiple channels and is engineered for the high-volume processing of audio CDs, ensuring top-tier transfer quality.
 N7000c The N7000c audio hardware fulfills the stringent quality standards for archival audio transfers and offers a range of distinctive features that greatly enhance its cost-effectiveness.
VTRi-1 The VTRi-1 module is in charge of forwarding remote control signals to video players as well as returning ISR events and/or the logged RF trace that are then processed by FrameLector.
TapeLightBarrier The Tape Light Barrier module is mounted directly onto a tape player and linked to the N7000c audio hardware, detecting tape-surface-related issues that are then processed by NOARecord.
RF-SensorPlate The RF SensorPlate, soldered onto specific points on the VTR's boards, grabs the RF signal and forwards it to the recording software FrameLector for transfer quality analysis and interpretation.

ingestLINE Overview

 jobDB Database The jobDB database server is at the core of every jobDB system. It is constructed on a proven standard MSSQL database and holds all meta- and operational data generated and required by NOA processors.
 ControlCenter The jobDB ControlCenter client application is the main interface for jobDB users and administrators to access the system.
 ProcessorHost The ProcessorHost is a middleware server used as a high-level interface between actLINE processors, ingestLINE digitization tools, and the jobDB database (client-server scenario).

jobDB Overview

 mediARC Database
At the core of every mediARC system lies the mediARC Database server, utilizing industry-leading Oracle technology to manage the catalog schema, operate the workflow engine, and maintain all system configurations.
 mediARC GUI
The mediARC GUI client application is the main interface for archive users and administrators to access the mediARC system.
 mediARC WEB
The mediARC WEB client application allows users to access the mediARC system via a web browser interface.
 DBDistributor The DBDistributor is used by the mediARC GUI client application as an interface to the mediARC database.
 ProcessorHost The ProcessorHost is used as a high-level interface between processors (the software modules that handle specific tasks within a workflow) and the mediARC database (client-server scenario).
 WebPreviewServer The WebPreviewServer acts as a streaming server for prelisten/preview requests from the mediARC WEB client application and its player.
 FileManager The FileManager moves files upon request between different Access Domains, selecting the appropriate access method, based on dedicated and predefined policies (see OAIS).
 RemoteFileAgent The RemoteFileAgent is used on the "target side" of file operations by FileManager to securely transfer files from the System Domain to the user in their User Domain.

mediARC Overview

NOA's unique quality assessment tool for intellectual validation and adjustment of video content designed to streamline and optimize your archive migration process.
 BarcodeStation NOA's versatile barcode reader interface designed to boost workflow efficiency within high-throughput digitization facilities and large archives.
 UniversalDialoger NOA's easy to use and fully customizable operator interface designed for top efficiency in workflow and task handling.
 MediaButler NOA's native, multi-instance media transcoding engine designed for high-throughput processing of audio and video files with full workflow integration and exceptional scaling opportunities.
 DBScripter Script interpreter for executing scripts in NOA systems.
 LicenseServer Centralized license management authority for all applications, facilitating the review and administration of issued software licenses.
 ServiceConsole Centralized real-time monitoring of all active processor services.
 StorageConnector Scalable access agent to archive storage, facilitating most store and restore requests, isolating direct access from normal users.
 CLIP Command Line Interface Processor for workflow-integrated connection to third party applications.
 FileCollector Tool for workflow-steered movement and processing of ingested media files.
 FolderScanner Advanced watchfolder monitoring with specifically designable file detection policies.
 WaveScanner Audio quality analysis, file decoding, normalization, and metadata extraction tool for ingested audio content.
 VideoScanner Video decoding, linearization, and metadata extraction/generation tool for ingested video content.
 VideoFileAnalyzer Connector towards third party video baseband analysis tools.
 MetadataFinder Tool for aggregation, validation, and editing of descriptive metadata gathered from external sources.
 AutoCut Automated, workflow-driven merging or appending of audio files.

actLINE Overview