jobDB™ Integration

jobDB™ Integration

In-house digitization projects are not isolated islands, which is why NOA's market-leading Archive Workflow Management system is designed to seamlessly interface with any existing IT ecosystems!

Embracing Top-Tier Solutions

jobDB is designed to efficiently optimize all workflows by seamlessly integrating with the best available solutions, whether developed by NOA or existing as third-party systems within an organization's ecosystem.

Top Features

Transparent standard folder based integration for metadata and essence exchange
3rd party analysis and transcoding products integrated via CLIP and DB Scripter
Sophisticated multi DB repository synchronization available

... and a lot more!

Helge Süss

NOA, Product Specialist

"Building digitization factories with jobDB is a unique and rewarding experience! Small and simple installations can be set up with minimal effort, almost straight out of the box. In more complex scenarios, achieving creative levels of integration with existing ecosystems is not only possible but a testament to the platform's true versatility and exceptionality."


NOA jobDB logo
NOA jobDB logo

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