mediARC™ Integration

mediARC™ Integration

In the 21st century, archives cannot operate in isolation. That's why NOA's unique Archive Asset Management system is designed to seamlessly integrate with any existing IT ecosystem!

Embracing High-End Solutions

mediARC is designed to serve as a reliable archive solution at the core of an organizations' content operations. To attain this objective, it naturally leverages the finest technologies and practices available.

Top Features

Seamless folder-based file exchange with production and workflow systems
Integration with 3rd party tools and processors for metadata and media processing

System data exchange over XML files, API calls, or even e-mail notifications

... and a lot more!

Vladimir Hübner

NOA, Product Manager

"As former CTO of a medium-sized radio and television broadcaster, I understand the significance of seamless communication between the archive and other mission-critical systems, as well as the resources that can be saved through optimization and effective integration.

mediARC offers exceptional integration and customization options, seamlessly supporting all radio and television processes as the distinctive professional archive it is."


NOA mediARC logo
NOA mediARC logo

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MAA0001 Runtime Environment (v2.0)
MAA0001 Runtime Environment

Administrator Manual

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