jobDB™ Scaling

jobDB™ Scaling

NOA's market-leading Archive Workflow Management system is a highly scalable framework of applications that enables various methods of both vertical and horizontal scaling!

System Scaling

Start Small...

Many NOA projects start quite modestly, often with a single NOARecord workstation linked to an entry-level jobDB archive workflow management system. The jobDB framework brings quality to even the smallest installations.

...Grow As You Need

Typical jobDB systems function with up to 200 processors in distributed environments. Dedicated digitization quality gates guarantee that upscaling is a straightforward process.

Top Features

Industrial architecture with exceptional vertical and horizontal scaling capabilities

Seamless upscaling to hundreds of processors, producing thousands of files per day

High-complexity workflows with a worldwide average success rate above 99.99%

... and a lot more!

Peter Kuhnle


"The evident challenges linked to seamlessly managing interoperability across various facets within a digitization project underscore the advantages of purpose-built, homogeneous frameworks like jobDB, which repeatedly prove superior to custom, though well-selected, groups of different specialized systems.

The unified architecture of NOA's jobDB, ingestLINE and actLINE products addresses these complexities, offering a cohesive solution that streamlines diverse processes within digitization projects."

2.4 years

average uninterrupted uptime of jobDB systems


number of processors, workflows and users



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