File Ingest

File Ingest

File Ingest

NOA's state-of-the-art archive solutions seamlessly facilitate the advanced importing of media file sets, including associated metadata, as an integral aspect of standard workflows.

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Quality and efficiency are (y)our top priorities. 

Workflow based importing of media and metadata files and file sets.

Advanced processing of files, decoding, analyzing, normalizing, parsing etc.
Focus on reliable, high-throughput, non-destructive processing and archiving.

... and a lot more!

Easy and Flexible File Ingest

Ultimate Flexibility

Every file operation is executed by a specialized actLINE processor within a workflow, ensuring configurability, customization, flexibility, and scalability.

File Detection

FolderScanner uses a pre-defined set of parameters and conditions to scan multiple folders, detect matching media and metadata files and file sets and trigger appropriate workflows.

File Moving

FileCollector moves all media and metadata files and file sets with appropriate filenames to the General Public Path (GPP) central storage for further processing.

File Processing

Depending on the workflow, individual actLINE processors pick files from GPP and perform their processing tasks as defined in the task's parameters. This allows very high flexibility and offers a great deal of customization.



German technology. Heavy-duty scalable file processing using distributed but centrally managed processors pools.


Best cost-performance ratio due to specialization, stability, scalability, parallelity and streamelined usability.


Best-practice archive business procedures turned into standardized but customizable workflows for maximum productivity.


Effective control of processors using workflow parameters, custom conditions, automation with scripts or 3rd-party tools.


Extended support for supplementary 3rd-party analysis tools, transcoders, and other beneficial processors.

10.000+ files daily

processed by NOA file ingest workflows in archives worldwide!

<5 seconds

to build 40+ hierarchical metadata structures from provided XML files

20+ years

dedicated to optimizing and improving file-based processes!