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Saving a national<br> intangible treasure

Saving a national
intangible treasure

Since end of 1999, Austrian Mediathek worked together with NOA to develop meaningful workflow solutions for turning the Austrian audiovisual archive to digital. This included questions such as content access, storage strategy, total overall process cost, as well as a quality approach in digitisation.

Austrian Mediathek about NOA

Jean-Christophe Kummer


"It is not difficult to make a quick sale. It is a challenge to maintain a partnership for almost 25 years and to keep an excellent reputation.

Coming to Mediathek is still such that everyone welcomes us, whenever NOA passes by."

The outlook of the NOA installation
in the future

The system has just been upgraded to jobDB version 5.0, and there are more ingest systems that need to be bought - given the growing demands of the Austrian musical heritage, aiming for a common journey of another 20-30 years ahead of us.

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