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Archive Evolution <br>at RTV Slovenia

Archive Evolution
at RTV Slovenia

RTV Slovenia about NOA

Peter Kuhnle


"We are quite glad to be able to work with RTV, as important and very valuable feedback has been presented from Bojan Kosi towards us in a way, which makes it simple to enhance the functionality with minor cost impacts. The decision to provide an own well balanced workflow engine furthermore, pays now back: We can very fast and efficiently respond to the needs of our customers in a way which is easy to handle for both sides."

Matej Zunkovic

RTV, technical director
Regional Center in Maribor

"The NOA system is well received amongst the users even without heavy persuasion work - and one of the many obvious advantages, is that we do not need to handle the archive assets  in the regionals anymore. We can benefit directly from the centrally managed content of Ljubljana in a way as if it would have been local in Maribor. Even more, the mediARC model has become the system to describe all our assets as well, this has led lead to the advantage of one central consolidated metadata repository.”

The digitization of
the large video collection

An incredible amount of hundreds of thousands of videotapes were waiting for preservation. By then NOA has already started to deliver its new flagship FrameLector to the broadcast industry and one of the main aspects for RTV Slovenia here was the inclusion of an open source lossless preservation format based upon FFV1. 

The first lines were installed and finally a totality of 14 parallel systems have been setup together with a complete QC chain based upon transfer quality control.

With all video assets stored as preview files in MP4 as well as in FFV1 preservation format – another step has been taken to concentrate all archival information towards ONE system.

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