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NOARecord is a multi-stream digitization and transcription software for analog and digital audio legacy sources with comprehensive transfer quality control. In combination with the N7000c audio hardware NOARecord offers a unique set of features and functionalities.

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NOARecord is available within the PicojobDB, and mediARC process framework.




BitProof support - the end to interstitial errors (N7000c) Remote-controlled replayer allowing you to operate the machine directly from your desktop
Digital re/de-emphasise curves for gramophone recordings Algorithmic based audio analysis available for all sources with different setups
Inbuilt monitoring matrix with level control, mute, mix, and solo Automatic monitoring of all active stations for continuous quality assessment 
Load multiple settings to accommodate various replayer situations typical of most archives Integrated A/D converters can change their EQ and gain based upon workflow controls
Integrated A/D converters can change their EQ and gain based upon workflow controls Classification per comment
Azimuth warning indication Parallel viewing of peak meter from all stations
Cut and splice detection from tapes (N6035A) Support for automatic gluing of spliced tapes via AutoCut
Special use case: Transfer of disc recordings

NOARecord offers special features for the transfer of historical gramophone discs. Apart from built in phono preamplifiers of the N7000c audio interface, digital de-emphasis curves are available to the archivist.

Digital deemphasisWith digital de-emphasis, selection of the correct de-emphasis curve for transfer of historical disc recordings is no longer an issue. Within the NOARecord software, freely configurable filter curves of first order (e.g. RIAA, Blumlein, Columbia etc.) can be set to be applied to a recording by the N7000c audio ingest frontend (directly at the DSP) in realtime. The subsequent automatic annotation of filter characteristics reduces complexity in file handling and eases the archivists workflow. Storing of filter coefficients (e.g. in the header of a BWF file) enables exact reversibility for eventual corrections in the future.

The digital de-emphasis feature can also be used to reverse filter curves of analog preamplifiers with limited de-emphasis capabilities by importing measured values of the appropriate device.

Tech Specs
1-4 stereo channels input Sample rates up to 192kHz
64bit internal precision Dante™ and AES support (with N7000c)




For operation, NOARecords requires the N7000c audio interface.

 NOA recommends following minimal specifications for a NOARecord workstation:

  • Windows 7 OS
  • CPU: equivalent to Intel Core i-3220, or better
  • 4GB RAM
  • Separate hard drives for system and data, or large SSD
  • Gigabit Ethernet, separate interface for Dante connection recommended
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