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 NOA QualityChecker is a fully workflow and process integrated application for post-ingest analysis of digitized content.

NOA QualityCheckerApart from technical metadata (e.g. frame rate and field order), electrical metadata forwarded by NOA FrameLector is the first point of interest for a QC operator working on the application. QualityChecker allows for assessment of the success of an ingest by displaying ISR events and/or RF traces (if applicable) of the recording, giving immediate hints on transfer problems. 

Depending on whether the produced target file is supposed to be a facsimile ("1:1 copy") of the carrier or an interpretation ("broadcast ready file") thereof, QualityChecker provides appropriate tools for optional annotating of audio and video content as well as the structure of files to be exported.

AudioRole Annotation

AudioRole annotation

Audio Role ShufflingIn the case of production of broadcast ready material, annotating the current state of audio roles in QualityChecker (via drop-down menus) will enable MediaButler to shuffle and/or level-correct individual audio tracks of the recorded video during transcoding to the final file according to predefined target parameters.

Alternatively, information from annotation can also be forwarded with the target file into the archive (without any changes applied to the audio signal), enabling quick retrieval of correct audio tracks upon ordering the material.

Video level correction

Video level correction

Via timelines with clearly visible representations of luminance and chrominance levels of the recorded video and an easy to use calibration dialogue, operators may change video levels to specifications. A preview of this calibration is shown in QualityChecker in real-time, MediaButler will apply changes during final transcoding.


Example: luminance levels of a recorded video before calibration:

Luma Levels BEFORE

..and after correction, allowing for individual settings (“acceptable” level over e.g. due to a sun glare).

Luma Levels AFTER


Via markers, multiple individual clips can be selected from one recording within QualityChecker to be exported by MediaButler as individual files during final transcoding in the background. Thereby, a carrier has to undergo digitization only once to produce every clip it contains. Multiple target scenarios are possible, for example:

1) Final archive format with tandem XML containing segment metadata for MAM

Segmentation 01 FINAL

2) Multiple segments export to individual clips (archive, production format, preview etc.)

Segmentation 02 FINAL

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