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universaldialoger 128 01 VorschlagNOA's UniversalDialoger is a workflow- and process integrated tool for check in and check out scans (including logging) of manual working steps for the purpose of comprehensive carrier tracking. 

When processing 100 or more carriers per day through an industrial digitization facility, seamless tracking of batches and carriers becomes a vital element of maintaining a stable process throughout the project.Daily Batch

NOA's UniversalDialoger thereby helps to..

  • Log first and/or second cleaning cycles of carriers including their duration
  • Log return of carriers to archive shelf or cassation
  • Add optional comments to a carrier upon scan (e.g. infomation on physical state, see below)
  • Provides information to track carrier or batch movements through the building
  • Retrieve information on an individual carrier's state via an info station


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