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Quality and efficiency are (y)our top priorities.

Logging of ISR events and/or RF traces for unambiguous transfer quality control.

Remote control and semi-automatic steps for efficient operation.

Interface adjustable to individual workflows.

... and a lot more!

FrameLector User Interface

Enhancing the presentation of essential information through an intuitive interface, facilitating largely autonomous functionality during mass digitization.

Video Ingest Perfection

Explore the application by clicking the buttons or the picture itself!

Marker Lists

Real-time collection of quality related markers, cue markers, and RF level diagnostics.

Main Display

Main display of incoming video stream (on selected station), adjustable for native 4:3 or 16:9 ratio.

Stations Info and Remote Control

Shows information on configures players, LTC timecode forwarded by players, as well as remote control.

Station Monitoring

Real-time preview including peak programme meters (2-8 channels) for quick overview on all active recordings.

Record and Monitoring Control

Main controls for recording (in non-automatic mode) as well as advanced settings for display (field order, aspect ratio) and audio monitoring.

Workflow and Task Control

For accessing and closing tasks, reading or editing comments or notes, as well as PlaySnap feature to preview a currently running recording.

Timeline Section

Real-time display of video peak file (i.e. thumbnails), luminance and chrominance levels, as well as audio levels during recording. Comprehensive display of quality and cue markers for immediate transfer quality control (in Pico environment).



Unparalleled quality levels and control measures.


Hundreds of channels running smoothly in installations worldwide.


Designed to drive projects of all sizes. From standalone setups to large factories.


Best cost-performance ratio due to parallelity and streamelined usability.


Be sure never to have to re-digitize a carrier ever again.

100+ channels

driving quality-controlled video digitization worldwide.

2,000,000+ hours

of video content successfully digitized by NOA clients.

20+ years

of broadcaster know-how and experience embedded.