Get The Tools <BR>for 21st Century Archiving

Get The Tools
for 21st Century Archiving

NOA is a leading technology vendor that provides flexible turnkey solutions for sustainable multimedia archiving and legacy archive digitization on an entry to enterprise scale.

With experience spanning decades, we're ready to elevate your archive projects to new heights!

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Experience<br>the NOA-How Advantage

the NOA-How Advantage

Trust NOA to guide and assist you in every step of your archiving project. From digitizing legacy audio and video carriers to expert archive preservation and logistics, we streamline the process with precision and highest quality benchmarks.

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Meet NOA at <br> ASBU Festival 2024!

26 - 29 May 2024

Meet NOA at
ASBU Festival 2024!

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NOA Signs Major Deal With Abu Dhabi Media!


NOA Signs Major Deal With Abu Dhabi Media!

NOA has secured a major contract with a United Arab Emirates-based public service broadcaster and media company...


Archive Digitization Solutions

High-end digitization and workflow automation technology to migrate any number of A/V carriers in the most efficient and economical way.

Archive Asset Management

State-of-the-art archive catalog for preserving and managing large multimedia collections, built for enterprise-grade clients and decades to come.

jobDB Archive Workflow Management

Industrial digitization facility for large-scale digitization of entire archives

PICO Single-Station Ingest

Single-station ingest systems for small-scale projects “on the side”

ingestLINE Digitization Tools

a variety of recording software for the transfer of analog and digital carriers

actLINE Processors and Interfaces

an army of smart software tools to cover all your data processing needs

Digitization Hardware

NOA's hardware components are the pinnacle of signal quality for archival digitization

mediARC Archive Asset Management

The ultimate asset management system built specifically for archives

Secure Preservation

Designed to protect your most valuable assets for ages to come

Powerful, versatile, scalable

When it comes to assets, workflow or users, only sky is the limit

Media Management

Developed specifically for the needs of the media industry’s elite

Metadata Management

Fully customizable structure of semantically-linked items

Workflow Management

Configurable heavy-duty workflow engine to get the job done

Solutions for Everyone

Public Archives

There is no higher purpose than the preservation of knowledge and history. NOA is the proud partner of many distinguished archives around the globe…

Television & Radio

NOA is a pillar of stability and security in the ever-changing world of the here and the now of dozens of broadcasters around the world…

Service Providers

Industrial-grade digitization of large legacy collections certainly isn't for everyone, but with partners like NOA, it's a walk in the park…

System Integrators

Strong partnerships are built on trust. Trust NOA to turn each project into a long-lasting success...

Reference Projects

NOA has decades of experience in archive digitization and asset management, working with archives and broadcasters worldwide.

Austrian Mediathek
  • Ever-growing multi format archive
  • 22 lines of input based on NOA solutions
  • NOARecord, N7000c, jobDB
  • Continuous operation with NOA since the year 2000

"The digital file is the new original."

National Archive
Austrian Mediathek

A continuous audio preservation project with digitization of 2.000.000+ archive assets powerde by a jobDB system from NOA.

RTV Slovenia
  • Convergent TV & radio archive
  • Archive distributed to multiple locations
  • 2,000 active users and workflows
  • NOARecord, FrameLector, mediARC

"It's like to be rich again."

National Broadcaster
RTV Slovenia

Audio and video digitzation project with a target of180.000 hours of radio content and 80.000 hours of TV content.

  • 300,000 hours of material on IMX and Digibeta
  • 10 years timeframe with exact SLAs
  • FrameLector, jobDB
  • Four levels of quality control

"NOA is the perfect match for the project."

Service Provider

Digitization of 600,000 IMX and Digibeta carriers for ORF Austria with a high-throughput industrial approach and four levels of quality control.


Pushing Numbers, Elevating Quality!

5,000,000+ hours

of media content digitized!

Join us on the road to one billion!

25,000,000+ assets

cataloged and preserved!

Battle-proven and ready for new challenges!

20+ years

of first-hand field experience!

Everybody wins, no exceptions!

100% happy clients

of all shapes and sizes, worldwide!

Market Approved!

“Having used NOA systems both for our audio archive and for our video archive, we can truly recommend the cooperation in the aspects of quality, pragmatic technology approaches and affordable pricings – all going hand in hand with our existing available resources.”
Pasi Ekman
YLE, Head of Development, Media Management
“At Atos we always provide systems which are easy to operate and to maintain while at the same time meeting the highest quality aspects of our clients. The partnership with NOA on digitizing 600.000 cassettes for the Austrian broadcaster ORF exemplifies our dedication to outstanding solutions.”
Johann Schachner
ATOS Austria, CEO
“The data transfer process of CD preservation allows on the one hand to be very fast, and on the other hand to collect low level C2 information about problematic carriers for a true facsimile copy.”
Juha Korvenpää
National Library Finland Mikkeli, Teamleader Audio Digitization
“It was a relief to have a system which could be used by non-specificlally trained engineers or archivists!”
Angela Wawra Schnaitt
ORF, Team Leader Radio Archive Digitization Project
“NOA and the Swiss National Sound Archives, 20 years in a row of support and updates, an outstanding collaboration with superb performance. And we just signed for another 4 years!”
Stefano Cavaglieri
Fonoteca Svizzera, CIO
“Having archived all our assets with NOA - it´s like to be rich again...”
Marko Filli
RTV SLovenia, CTO
“It was clear that we would do the digitization inhouse - we have better control of the quality and it turns out to be much cheaper than outsourcing.”
Bojan Kosi
RTV SLovenia, Head of Digital Archive Department
“NOA gave us the possibiity to create a new facsimile which was inline with our highest quaility demands.”
Stefan Kaltseis
Österreichische Mediathek, Teamleader Digitization
“We have been using the system for more than 15 years - operation, configuration and installation were always easy and updates were always implemented quickly, even over 12.000 km. Users benefit a lot from all processes implemented through user-friendly interfaces for digitization and management.”
Gustavo Trujillo
Fonoteca Mexico, CIO
“The ongoing digitization of our extensive audio and video archive collections highlights NOA as a reliable partner genuinely concerned about its customers' well-being. Through the seamless integration of mediARC with our production workflows, we can fully unleash the potential of our file archive in all situations.”
Roman Skřivánek
RTVS Slovakia, CTO

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NOA's jobDB 5.0 for Industrial Digitization NOA's jobDB 5.0 for Industrial Digitization
PRODUCTS | 13.09.2023

NOA's jobDB 5.0 for Industrial Digitization

New features, streamlined process steps, and updated GUI

NOA Signs Major Deal With Abu Dhabi Media NOA Signs Major Deal With Abu Dhabi Media
PROJECTS | 12.05.2023

NOA Signs Major Deal With Abu Dhabi Media

AV digitizing and archiving specialist NOA GmbH has won a major contract with United Arab Emirates-based public service broadcaster…

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