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Modules to shape and process your content

In a jobDB environment, any number of ingest processors or actLINE modules can be combined. Depending on project's requirements, a combination of following actLINE modules will be integrated into the environment. For detailled information (e.g. available audio/video codecs and plugins) please download our actLINE folder:


MediaButler is a generic media-transcoding processor that can transcode files from linear format to many other formats. MediaButler can perform multiple audio- and videotranscodings within one discrete task.

FolderScanner & FileCollector

A Windows monitoring application that continuously scans pre-determined folders on an import client for new media and metadata files. When it detects a new file, it generates a system-specific workflow for handling the file.

FileCollector then moves the files detected by FolderScanner to a public processing path.

WaveScanner & VideoScanner

WaveScanner and VideoScanner are audio- and video normalizing gateways, analyzing and scanning a variety of files for quality, decoding them according to presets, reading out metadata from the resulting header files, and creating corresponding MD5 checksums. The output results become parameters and result files for the workflow.


VideoFileAnalyzer acts as interface between the NOA workflow engines (mediARC and jobBD) to common 3rd party analyzer tools (currently implemented VidCheckerTM,...) to make video container/codec based quality checks and to integrate them into mediARC or jobDB workflows.


DBScripter is a script interpreter for executing scripts in NOA systems through a basic interpreter language and an embedded integrated development environment (IDE). You can use DBScripter scripts to perform tasks within workflows or for cyclic maintenance tasks. 


AutoCut™ automatically aligns and concatenates split or segmented recordings coming from NOARecord into a single, digital file, which eliminates the need for time-intensive manual alignment in external editing applications. 


The ServiceConsole provides a centralized, real-time overview of nearly all NOA processors running on distributed servers. With ServiceConsole, you can quickly and easily troubleshoot and pinpoint an error with no downtime. 


CLIP (Command Line Interface Processor) is a generic server-side batch processor that executes operating system commands within an NOA workflow. With a minimum amount of configuration, CLIP will recognize any third-party, CMD-line-enabled application as a workflow processor for use with the NOA workflow engine and will execute tasks within a serverside batch process, where each process maybe parametrised per XMl individually.


eMailer is a processor application built into a workflow that notifies you of specific workflow conditions. When the condition arises, it triggers an email. For example, you would receive an email when a certain workflow completes or fails.

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