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NOA VTRi Hardware

The NOA VTRi-1 box offers following functions for two ingest channels:

• Remote controlling of VTRs using Sony 9-pin protocol
• Read-out of Sony Interactive Status Report protocol
  while ingest (information of audio/video condition and errors)
• Read-out of RF-levels from the VTR tape while ingest 
  via the separately delivered VTRiS modules
• VTRi control via FrameLectorTM over one connection 
  (compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0)




RF- and ISR-logging for video (via NOA VTRi)

The algorithmic analysis system notifies users of critical technical problems during transcription and stores a detailed quality report along with the videofile.

From analog sources like Betacam tapes, RF drops will be logged:

Additionally all Channel Condition information (Audio/Video) can be logged via the Sony ISR protocol (Interactive Status Reporting):