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NOA's Product Families

Four different product lines are offered within the NOA product portfolio to Archives, Broadcasters, and Service Providers.

Depending on your project, NOA’s ingestLINE and actLINE products are combined either with PicoService -to form single standalone ingest workstations- or with jobDB or mediARC for more complex purposes with elaborate requirements.

Typically a customer may start with a PICO workstation for on demand ingest and extends it later towards a jobDB or a mediARC environment depending on his customer profile.

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At a glance..

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Typical Pico client:

  • Archives in need of on-demand digitization
  • Small digitization projects, which desire to upgrade and upscale at a later stage

Pico will help you to digitise small badges of carriers to a few selected output formats.

Typical jobDB client:

  • Archives with more than 5000 carriers to be digitized
  • Service Providers, offering services to smaller archive
  • Broadcast Archives with existing MAM 

jobDB will help you to digitise any number of carriers to any file format.

Typical mediARC client:

  • Archives with scientific requirements on metadata
  • Broadcasters with wide variety of workflow and digitization needs
  • Broadcasters and archives with no existing MAM

mediARC will help you to digitise carriers and archive content into a sustainable archive.

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