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NOA Transfer Quality Control

Certainty about transfer integrity is of prime importance when digitising legacy media carriers. Adding errors during transfer is simply unacceptable.

In order to give archivists and ingest technicians this kind of security, NOA has implemented different means of transfer quality control, each of them especially designed to adress carrier-specific characteristics and problems.


  • developed and exclusively offered by NOA
  • reliably alerts of interstitial errors during transfer
  • allows automatic termination of ingest process upon error detection
  • works in combination wirh N7000c audio hardware

More info on BitProof..

Tape Light Barrier

  • for 1/4" tape ingest
  • detects tape color and splices
  • sets apprproriate timecode markers within the recording software NOARecord

More info on Tape Light Barrier..

Event-related Parameters and Traces

During transfer NOA software and hardware is able to detect..

  • Clicks L/R
  • Digital overload on A/D converter L/R
  • Mute L/R
  • Bandwith L/R (x10 kHz)
  • Correlation (-1/+1)
  • Level (RMS) L/R (dBfs)
  • Level (Peak) L/R (dBfs)
  • Noise L/R (dBfs) well as other, carrier specific parameters like:

  • Azimuth overs and levels (degree shift @10kHz) for tape transfer
  • E32 errors for CD transfer
  • BLER, Digital mutes, Digital interpolations, Sample rate changes, etc. for DAT transfer

More info on Parameters and Traces..

..on NOARecord.
..on CDLector.
..on MediaLector.


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