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NOA CD Drives are standard OEM drives which have been selected by using specially scratched CD´s to identify items which have a proven and reliable error correction.

Nowadays it is getting more and more difficult to find CD drives which are providing good results, in the old days Plextor Premium II drives were known to give good results even with heavily scratched CD´s. CD drives nowadays are normally DVD- ROM drives which are concentrating more on a wide support of different color-book formats rather than reliable audio results.

NOA tests from 20 different brands and preselects then those which give good audio results. Those are then provided together with the CDLector software.

Technical specs

• Reliable error reporting behavior 
• Tested with industrially normed test CD´s 
• Proven ISRC, TOC, and emphasis read out
• Meets strong RedBook specifications
• Single drives in USB enclosures
• Optionally available as 4-RU