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N7000c Hardware

N7000c audio interface

Whenever excellent intermodulation distortion performance, outstanding dynamic range as well as excellent sonic behaviour are required, NOA N7000c is the solution of your choice. It adds various different interface options for replayers via RS232 or 9pin protocol. With an extended input sensitivity range and the support of digital de-emphasis filters it makes the purchase of phono pre-amplifiers obsolete, when used with audio discs. N7000c - whereas c stands for “compact” - suitable for high fidelity archival transfers following IASA TC04 guidelines.

NOA's N7000c requires the recording software NOARecord for operation and full access to all features.

Features and Benefits at a Glance


Within the N7000c, several usually separate devices and functions are combined into one single device:

  • A/D converters (8 channels)
  • AES inputs
  • Phono Preamplifier
  • De-emphasis filter
  • Monitoring
  • Replayer remote control
  • Tape analysis module


Interstitial errors and inconsistent samples are now past - the DSP in the AD converter creates a checksum which is passed over to the ingest system and counterchecked against the written wavefile in the recording application NOARecord.



Two AD chips are constantly compared via a DSP in an antiparallel design and give highly linear signals with respectable low noise level.



Simply connect your laptop to the network and access 8 uncompressed 192kHz linear streams without requiring additional PCI soundcards. NOA BitProof gives additional security on sample and bit accuracy



Personalized data sheet to prove IASA TC04 compliance on request.



Connect your different phono re-players to the N7000c, applying inverse RIAA curve and re-applying a historical equalization curve to your recording with built in 48bit algorithms.



  • 4x RS232 (Studer configuration: Studer A807MKI, A807MKII, A810, A812, A816, A820)
  • 4x interface to Tape Light Barrier (N6035A)
  • 4x Sony 9-Pin: attach your analog vintage replayers via 3rd party 9pin adapter or connect any replayer with 9-Pin support
Connectivity and Basic Tech Specs
8x balanced analog inputs 4x AES/EBU inputs with Sample Rate Converter (SRC) 
2x balanced analog outputs 2-ch. digital AUX monitoring input (TOSLINK with SRC)
Word clock in / out DANTE™ interface (8 in / 8 out)
Dynamic Range 122dB (A-weighted), typ. 24 bit anti-parallel double A/D conversion
4x RS232 remote, 4x RS422 remote USB peripheral connector
Sample Rates: 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192 kHz Switchable input sensitivity: 18|12|6|0|-6|-12|-18|-24 dB (nominal input level relative to 0dBfs)
Direct MM Phono connectivity and preamplification Real-time digital de-emphasis curves (e.g. RIAA, Columbia LP, Decca78, etc. or custom filters)
Monitoring matrix / mixing (5 in 1) 4x N6035A optical tape sensor connectors
Requires NOARecord for operation  

For all technical specifications, please download the N7000c product folder.

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