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actLINE originalNOA's actLINE is a set of tools and processors to manipulate digitized content within the jobDB or mediARC framework. It includes stand alone applications as well as automated, server-side processors.

actLINE modules connect to the jobDB and mediARC framework.

actLINE working with jobDB and mediARC

A quick overview on the individual module's possible applications:

actLINE module Application

qualitychecker 128 01


Post ingest quality check, annotation of technical metadata

mediabutler 128 01


Server side processor for encoding of media files

barcodestation 128 01 Vorschlag 


Execution of scripts upon scanning of barcode

universaldialoger 128 01 Vorschlag


Changing of workflow status upon scanning of barcode

serviceconsole 128 01


Comprehensive overview on active processors

videofileanalyzer 128 01


Integration for 3rd party video file analysis tools

metadatafinder 128


Receive and confirm CD track information from online sources

dbscripter 128 01


Script interpreter for executing scripts

autocut 128 01


Automatically aligns and concatenates split or segmented audio recordings

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