Control, create and process information with mediARC WORKFLOWS

mediARC WORKFLOWS is designed to link production procedures to specific media or metadata results. Examples include delivering assets from an archive, validating metadata edits, or an extended QC process. mediARC WORKFLOWS allows the metadata and content to work with production systems transparently. mediARC’s built-in workflow engine uses NOAComm, NOA’s royalty-free open interface, to handle large-scale automatic processes, which allows for efficient use of distributed processors in a setup. This infrastructure is used for all basic input/output tasks around the archive, including ingestion and exporting. You can also manually adjust any workflow, organize it into hierarchies and tasks, or create your own set of specialized workflows.


• NOA Workflow Engine directly attaches hundreds of processors
• Business process modeling tool to combine human interaction and automatic processes
• Full NOA ingestLINE integration
• Full NOA actLINE integration

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