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Designed with the skilled archivist and archive management tasks in mind, the mediARC GUI is a Windows application that you use to access most of the mediARC functions. It’s the starting point for creating and describing an archive object, modeling or managing a workflow, and researching assets within the mediARC database.


  • Quality Control processes
  • Phonetic and fuzzy search
  • Semantic LinkingUser definable metadata model
  • Speech Transcription Search Module (mediARC Dactylo extension)
  • Integrated report designer with report print outs and export to xls, xml, txt
  • System and workflow design
  • Search favorite management
  • Player integration with waveform display and Markerdiplay
  • Shop and basket system for personal orders
  • Beneficiary concept for orders (FTP, Users, Systems, Clients, RemoteFile-Agents)
  • Built in network client components to connect to Database Distributor
  • Single Sign On with LDAP authentication
  • batch process of metadata results
  • User designable UID management
  • Setup of all connected processors from actLINE
  • Setup of all connected processors from ingestLINE

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