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RTV Slovenia goes NOA

Safeguarding all these recordings needs to keep an eye on the total process cost, ingest quality and well developed workflow solutions in this area.

A project group with the technical responsibilities of the three main locations was founded to identify the main targets within such a process and visited several archive installations around Europe. As a result, a public tender was launched to identify the best solution among relevant ingest system providers.

NOA could persuade with a most flexible offer, which covers the ingest for nine parallel tape recorders on three NOA Record ingest systems with up to 192 Khz AD converters and up to 126 dB dynamic (N6192), one MediaLector with 4 parallel DAT ingest streams with C2 monitoring, one 4x CD-Lector, a CD grabber with complete metadata handling and Block Monitoring, as well the comprehensive take over of 3rd party tools with the Uniport software for the take over of SADIE masters, Pro Tools masters and BWF files.

All ingest tools are centrally managed by the Job Database, which grants a perfect view on the total workflow. The system will be installed in the three different main locations on a rotary principle such as that the exchangeability of the ingest systems is granted.

The Project group around Mr. Zvelc, Mr. Zunkovic and Mr. Fili finally stated: "The well developed system tools which meet the high demand on professional audio engineering, the good references, together with the comprehensive and transparent offer from NOA, made the choice finally easy for us. We are looking forward to a long lasting partnership with a specialised company which is not only geographically near to Slovenija."
The contract was signed by the end of the year and the installation will take place during 1Q.2005.

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