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The regional stations Maribor and Koper, having full access to it over simple remote clients, are able to order from the archive on the fly copies (even retranscoded) not only to the local DALET installation in Ljubljana but also directly towards the regional DaletPLus environment thus avoiding parallel rips.

Around 4 cataloguers have been allocated to the newly created mediatek department, with Bojan Kosi as head operator. After having migrated the most important databases to the open and flexible metadata model of the mediarc solution, now around 4 other databases will be migrated by taking full benefit of the existing link structure.

The next modules with CEDAR and mediARC for WEB (MAW) are already in the pipe and will ease the access to the archive even more.

As Matej Zunkovic, technical director of the regional center in Maribor points out
"The NOA system is well received amongst the users even without heavy persuasion work - and one of the many obvious advantages, is that we do not need to handle the linear CD´s in the regionals anymore. We can benefit directly from the centrally managed content of Ljubljana in a way as if it would have been local in Maribor. Even more, we are now thinking of using the mediARC model to describe our video assets as well, this will lead to the advantage of one central - well organised and consolidated metadata structure."

As Martin Zvelc, technical adviser of the RTV Slovenija says
"The ongoing support from NOA, as well as various possibilities from within the mediARC system regarding metadata and workflows, have become an important asset within RTV Slovenija, on which we will base important future tasks. With the planned next steps and with the already existing integrated transcription capabilities, we are well within our time planning of the project and we are really happy with the decision - seeing also the great success within the regional stations in Koper and Maribor, all working with different production systems."

As Peter Kuhnle, CTO of NOA says
"We are quite glad to be able to work with RTV, as important and very valuable feedback has been presented from Bojan Kosi towards us in a way, which makes it simple to enhance the functionality with minor cost impacts. The decision to provide an own well balanced workflow engine furthermore, pays now back: We can very fast and efficiently respond to the needs of our customers in a way which is easy to handle for both sides."

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