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Norway / Mo i Rana NOA system installed

The library has dedicated itself to the preservation, digitisation and cataloguing since the late 90ies and has set up digitisation workflows for the norvegian audio- and radio archives. Impressing results in delivering content to subscribers in different workflows have been realised.

Meanwhile Mo i Rana needed to extend also their workflow for the digitisation of CDs, and have therefore searched for a solution which seamlessly integrates with their existing MAVIS archive.
NOA could provide here with the standard software NOA CD Lector a mass comprehensive digitisation tool for CDs, and with the standard software DB Scripter an easily customisable scripting engine, which is able to directly interface to the MAVIS system.

About The National Library of Norway
The National Library (NB) represents the premier source of information about Norway, Norwegians and Norwegian culture, and it is to be Norway's main resource for the collection, archiving and distribution of Norwegian media.
Its functions include establishing, preserving and making available a wide variety of collections. NB owns and manages several unique collections. All are available for research and documentation, and most are accessible to the public through the National Library's general library services or via the Internet. NB is located in Oslo and Mo i Rana and has 350 employees.

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