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Ljubljana, Slovenia — Dec. 4, 2009
NOA Audio Solutions today announced that Radio Televizija Slovenija (RTV), Slovenia’s public service radio and television broadcaster, has completed the third phase of its implementation of the NOA mediARC™ system, giving hundreds of users at its headquarters in Ljubljana and regional studios in Koper, Lendava, and Maribor, full Web-based access to the national broadcaster’s extensive audio archive.

Relying on mediARC, RTV deejays, editors, and producers working at their desktops in the familiar Dalet environment can identify, browse and retrieve any of some 200,000 tracks indexed according to detailed metadata in the central archive. Once a track has been requested, mediARC can perform in-path transcoding in the desired format – and in the near future will also be able to carry out CEDAR dehiss and decrackle – ensuring fast delivery of high quality audio.

RTV formerly relied on manual retrieval of tracks stored on a variety of carriers, so the automated, digitized mediARC system has resulted in dramatic improvements in efficiency and security while also making the full range of the archive broadly available for the first time. Because the mediARC solution is absolutely transparent, users can see at a glance what has been exported. In addition, mediARC enables users to move media assets and associated metadata to RTV’s Dalet automation system, or to specified user groups, with only a mouse-click.

“The mediARC Web system extension is fundamental to our improved workflow, and we have now had the opportunity to put it to the test,” said Bojan Kosi, RTV media tech manager. “The mediArc serves as our flexible media archive for all types of diversified content and is a superb tool for maintaining our long-term metadata, while the Dalet production system also stores the important recent footage for easy access to users. Moreover, our regional stations no longer have to handle CDs. Instead, they can use anything in the central archive in Ljubljana as easily as if it were in the room with them, just by simple Web access.”
The NOA mediARC combines precisely targeted metadata association and a powerful workflow solution to enable successful storage, distribution and repurposing (including transcoding) of media content. At RTV, one of the audio databases has already been migrated into the mediARC system, with additional content still in the migration pipeline.
“Like RTV, broadcasters with multiple remote facilities increasingly see the benefits of being able to easily share content, no matter where it is physically stored,” said Jean-Christophe Kummer, NOA managing partner. “Working closely with Sveriges Radio Förvaltnings (SRF) in Sweden and now with RTV, we at NOA have developed a proven and comprehensive solution that not only simplifies the accessing and sharing process, but also preserves and secures assets for the long-term.”

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