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NOA Partners With Marquis Broadcast

AV digitizing and archiving specialist NOA GmbH has announced a technology partnership with UK-based Marquis Broadcast. Together the two companies have crafted the Medway-mediARC connector, designed to facilitate bidirectional integration with AVID Interplay.
NOA and Marquis Broadcast successfully implemented this new technology at Sharjah Broadcasting Authority (SBA) in May 2020. As part of the United Arab Emirates media house’s efforts to streamline its AV archiving workflow, the broadcaster integrated Avid Interplay into its already installed NOA mediARC Archive Asset Management (AAM) system at several of its regional stations.
With bidirectional Avid integration, SBA managed to organize its archival assets through a WAN infrastructure that is interconnected at multiple locations. Through NOA mediARC, the media house is today driving the workflow from several sites in parallel and centrally stores all content within its AAM. The development of new Medway-mediARC connector technology has brought this installation to yet another level.

“Partnering with Marquis was the missing link for mediARC to get connected to AVID Interplay in a way which secures the exchange on both sides. The successful installation at Sharjah Broadcasting Corp. has given us aspiration to develop the possibilities even further.”

said Christophe Kummer, NOA managing partner
An element within the mediARC AAM solution, the Medway-mediARC connector now optimally bridges SBA’s two AVID Interplay systems located 80 kilometers apart in Sharjah and Al Dhaid. Medway-mediARC streamlines AVID Interplay bidirectional integration in a number of ways, including letting AVID Interplay send OP (Operational Pattern) -Atom files to mediARC for deep archiving in a normalized OP1a format. In addition, the connector allows mediARC to deliver from its ffv1 or AUX fields directly to AVID Interplay in OP-Atom. This process is possible over multiple regional stations.
This technological advancement means AVID Interplay users can now follow international archival standards regarding open source formats, and can easily integrate with mediARC.

“Seamless integration is key when dealing with the transfer of media and metadata between facilities. We developed the Medway-mediARC connector with the goal of easing the shift toward a more efficient and advanced systematic approach to archiving and long-term media preservation.”

said Paul Glasgow, Marquis Broadcast managing director

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