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NOA FrameLector for Finnish public broadcaster

Yle, the public broadcaster of Finland, has chosen NOA technology for the digitization and conservation of its more than 100,000-title-strong video archive.

Yle selected the NOA solution, which replaces the enterprise’s on-demand in-house designed digitization system, after carrying out an EU-wide tender. As per the accord, NOA will deliver FrameLector ingest video digitization software along with the jobDB workflow management system to the Finnish facilities in Q4 of this year.

Yle will use the NOA equipment to digitize and archive its entire remaining legacy SD-video library, which comprises more than 100,000 titles, of which 80,000 are in Betacam and DigiBeta, 9,500 are in 1-inch C format, 3,000 in U-Matic and 5,000 in the DVCam format.

Specifically, NOA’s FrameLector will provide quality-controlled ingest, while NOA jobDB, which interconnects video ingest stations and server-side tools as well as existing systems, will deliver workflow management and integration towards the existing Avid Interplay MAM system. jobDB will receive digitization orders and return digitized material along with enriched metadata XMLs and quality control results back to the MAM. In addition, FrameLector’s efficient monitoring of ISR events and RF traces during digitization will enable Yle media operators to identify transfer errors caused by broken tapes or replay machines.

NOA video archiving technology will be implemented over the entire workflow of the media house’s Helsinki headquarters, including server-side processors, workstations, workflows and integration. In Q1 2018, the digitization facility at Yle will go into operation.

We are thrilled to announce, that this most recent project for NOA marks the 62nd installment of the FrameLector video ingest system, expanding its worldwide footprint on the legacy SD-video digitization market even further.

Christophe Kummer, CEO of NOA


Yle signing contract with NOA web

Yle signing contract with NOA at IBC 2017


Lise-Lottie Ek, Head of Broadcast and Media Services Yle
Olli Sipilä, CTO Yle
Christophe Kummer, CEO NOA
Janne Yli-Äyhö, COO Yle
Marko Ahokas, Development Manager Yle
Peter Kuhnle, CTO NOA

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