NOA at IASA 2021

“Closing the gap for a new generation of sound and audiovisual archives”

Last year, IASA’s 2020 virtual conference successfully provided us with a wide range of experiences and new ways of interacting as a professional community. Although we all missed having a face-to-face meeting, we realised that to a great extent we can continue online to exchange ideas, projects and create new expectations for sound and audiovisual archives. Given the ongoing uncertainties over international travel, this year IASA’s conference will again be held online, from 27th to 30th September 2021.

NOA Archive is again happy to again be present at the IASA annual conference - not only as sponsors but also contributing to the impressive program, which is quite literally spanning the globe.

Join our colleague Silvester Stöger in his paper presentation on "Database Migration - handicaps and milestones for preserving archive catalogs".

Archive catalogs are the backbone of any archive. Without them, users can only find content by chance or memory. For this reason, it is a must for any archive to preserve their catalogs. At some point of time, the catalog preservation will include a migration to a new database, and this might present some unknown issues to the owner of the catalog. Especially historically grown catalogs do often include many usage patterns that need to be consolidated. Sometimes even the number of existing databases is not entirely sure. Not to mention duplicates, spelling mistakes and simply wrong information. The presentation will, based on real world experiences, point out a few examples of handicaps that might appear in a database migration project, what are ways to solve them, and what are important milestones during database migration, or even before starting it. This will not be a technical presentation, but a very high-level talk about how to approach these difficult but important topics.

The presentation and following discussion will be held on Tuesday, 28th at 00:00 UTC+8 / 18:00 UTC+2 / 11:00 UTC-5

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