NOA to Take Part in the FIAT IFTA World Conference 2021

NOA at FIAT 2021

“Advancing the Digital Dividend”

AV digitizing and archiving specialist NOA GmbH will participate in the FIAT/IFTA World Conference, which takes place online Oct. 19–21.

Under the banner, ‘Advancing the Digital Dividend’, this year’s edition underscores the importance for archivists to play an active role in contributing to the preservation of audiovisual archives and cultural heritage for future generations. 

“The past year has shown that we need to be agile, able to rapidly adapt to change. We must continue to ensure our responsibility in acquisition, preservation, access and use, so that archives can deliver on the promise of the social, cultural and economic leverage they comprise”, FIAT/IFTA organizers state. “We must ensure that the digital dividend, the fruit of our efforts returns to society and becomes as large, as visible and as viable as possible”.


This year’s three-day edition delves into the following topics:

•       Digital preservation: an era of new challenges

•       New actors, new models, new processes in MAM and metadata creation

•       Relevance, engagement and distinctiveness: the archive as a public actor

•       Archival value: between return on society and return on investment

•       Local issues, global perspectives


As one of the event’s main sponsors, NOA will give an introduction on the importance of the availability of industrial digitization tools for broad archives. Within the session ‘Meet the Sponsors’, NOA Managing Director Jean-Christophe Kummer, will address attendees on 19 October at 2.00pm CEST, detailing why access to entry digitization tools such as jobDBCORE combined with the ability to efficiently migrate from physical to digital objects is compulsory in the quest to boost the digital dividend.


“The digitization of archives should be the top priority, as should the use of artificial intelligence”, said Jean-Christophe Kummer, managing partner of NOA. “There is so much content around the world that is in danger of disappearing due to the degradation of carriers; it’s time for us to seriously address this issue”.

With more than 250 members, FIAT/IFTA’s mission is to encourage cooperation among radio and television archives, multimedia and audiovisual archives and libraries, and all those engaged in the preservation and exploitation of moving image and recorded sound materials and associated documentation.

Founded in 1977, the organization describes itself as a “forum for exchange of knowledge and experience between its members, to promote the study of any topic relevant to the development and valorization of audiovisual archives and to establish international standards on key issues regarding all aspects of audiovisual media management”.

The 2022 FIAT/IFTA World Conference is scheduled to place in Cape Town, South Africa.


More information about NOA and its products is available at or by phone at + 43 1 545 2700.

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