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News October '12


FIAT 2012: Memory of the world programme - Safeguarding indigenous culture by NOA

At the FIAT/IFTA 2012 conference in London on 30th. sept. at the British Library, J.-C.Kummer presented a NOA project describing the ingest and digitization process undertaken at Mexico's National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples (CDI). CDI's "Mediateka" project aims to preserve the cultural heritage of Mexico's indigenous peoples in a national archive using the world's first mobile ingest and digitization system, which NOA developed with a local partner. The system travels around Mexico capturing and converting audio sources into WAV and MP3 files. Those files are then transferred to a second NOA system installed at CDI's headquarters in Mexico City, where they are checked, have metadata extracted, and are stored for integration into CDI's workflow. Kummer talked about the different archive sizes existing in the different radio stations, and how the business processes were set up to guarantee a quality-controlled, decentralized digitization. FIAT nomination comitte honored the project as being a successful cultural heritage partnership driven by an industry partner.



IASA 2012 / New delhi: Large scale A/V preservation projects

At the IASA conference in New Delhi on Thursday 11th, oct., J.-C.Kummer presented file logistic challenges as part of the technical infrastructure in a large-scale media migration project. The constant productivity of a 16/7 or even 24/7 shift digitization process is demanding, and in order to keep productivity consistently high, it is critical to have technical workflows that support unexpected downtimes and subsequent catch-up peaks. Kummer  gave an overview on how NOA has approached this challenge in existing large-scale systems, with different methods and strategies gleaned from the company's 12 years of experience in the archive domain.


Jean-Christophe - speaking at the BL about the indigenous project.
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