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News January '13

NOA Audio Solutions, provider of functional and effective media archiving systems, today announced that Austrian digitization and archiving organization Austrian Mediathek (ÖMT) has upgraded to the next version of actLINE™ and jobDB™ digitization and archiving tools to enrich its workflow and allow for an even greater ability to digitize and archive audiovisual materials. Vienna-based ÖMT uses digitization services in-house and also provides them to other institutions, such as the National Library of Austria, the Donau Unversity of Krems, and the international Atomic Energy Agency.


“Upgrading to jobDB and actLINE 3.0 enabled us to incorporate so many more decisions and QC steps, including external editing, into our workflows that it has become much faster for us to deliver results to the end clients,” said Christian Schrott, chief of audio digitization operations at ÖMT. “Besides that, MediaButler and the new UniPort modules give us many opportunities to deliver specific retranscodings in combination with the new Shared Key layout.”


ÖMT has installed new jobDB licenses and jobDB ProcessorHost to enhance its existing jobDB workflow creation tool. The upgrade means the organization can set up business rules that tell the system to skip certain tasks. For example, if one CD out of 500 contains CD E32 read errors, jobDB 3.0 enables users to create a rule whereby the system identifies any one digitization that might need more attention. This capability saves time for engineers who otherwise would have to review and analyze every file.


An upgrade to actLINE 3.0 includes a new MediaButler module that allows ÖMT to export many more file formats than did the WaveButler module from actLINE 2.0. actLINE 3.0 also includes new versions of the UniPort WaveScanner, which can accept many more formats than before; FolderScanner, which analyzes metadata at the file level and can read out metadata without the DBScripter script interpreter; and FileCollector, which increases stability by moving files from the network to the processing share in a separate technical thread.


“NOA and ÖMT have worked together since 2000, and in that time ÖMT has turned from a small archive to a global service provider and knowledge center for so many archives worldwide,” said Jean-Christophe Kummer, NOA managing partner. “We are glad to have been a part of that growth and transformation through our ever-evolving archiving solutions.”


About Austrian Mediathek

Austrian Mediathek, the Austrian Media Library, is a branch of the Technical Museum Vienna. Its audiovisual archive contains a million sound recordings and videos about Austrian culture and history. It is tasked with collecting, producing, preserving, and making available Austria’s audiovisual heritage.

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