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NOA has entered into a partner agreement with JOANNEUM RESEARCH to integrate VidiCert Analyser and VidiCert Summary into NOA’s ActLINE CLIP and DB Scripter products for video archiving.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s VidiCert technology provides a two-step approach to content quality control, with comprehensive automated checks for error conditions such as image noise, strong video distortions, digital tape and file dropout sections or blurriness, and a second stage of efficient human verification for detailed confirmation of the content status. Incorporated into NOA’s archiving solutions, the advanced automation allows for efficient quality control workflows and significantly improves productivity especially in larger migration projects.

“Major broadcasters involved in migrating content libraries often have to address half a million or more individual tapes or other pieces of media,” said Christophe Kummer, NOA’s CEO. “On this scale, any increase in efficiency has a big payback, and with the addition of VidiCert, NOA systems dramatically improve performance, helping customers to make big reductions in the intervention time and cost of ensuring quality standards.”

JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s VidiCert technology allows NOA customers to detect VTR and film scanner problems, guarantee consistency between essence files and the corresponding MAM metadata, ensure essence quality during archive master ingest, and select archived content for re-use by quality properties.

“Through our collaboration on very large scale projects such as an actual huge migration at one national Austrian broadcaster, JOANNEUM RESEARCH and NOA have reached a good basis for a co-operation that will help to make the task of archiving considerably less daunting for broadcasters and content owners around the world,” said Georg Thallinger, head of the research group for audiovisual media at JOANNEUM RESEARCH.

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More information about JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s VidiCert is available at


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VidiCert Summary is accessed through a NOA workfl ow
task to assess the content QC.
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