HRT October 2021

HRT Builds on Video Archiving With NOA

Croatian public broadcaster HRT (Hrvatska radiotelevizija) is digitizing its entire video archive with the help of archiving specialists NOA GmbH.

Following the past installation of mediARC at HRT’s radio unit, NOA has delivered a complete jobDB Core Video archive management system to the broadcaster’s video department in Zagreb. The suite comprises the FrameLector ingest software, jobDB workflow management system, MediaButler transcoding processor, BarcodeStation custom script creation tool, UniversalDialoger, and the QualityChecker post-ingest digital content analyzer.

Available as independent products, NOA now offers this package, which packs these six products into one solution. Known as jobDB Core, the entry-level bundle provides users with all features available with each individual product including four channels. This version can be easily scaled up to 32+ ingest channels thanks to its scalable true client-server design. NOA’s Sales VP Dipl.-Ing. Manuel Corn explains that this approach lets organizations gradually ease into digitization, while simplifying the process by investing in one simple package.

Operating several radio and television channels over a domestic transmitter network as well as satellite, HRT became a client of NOA in 2003, when it began digitizing its radio archive.

This time around, with the media house focusing on preserving its video content, Corn says the continuation is a natural progression to protect the broadcaster’s valuable audiovisual content.

“Some 18 years ago NOA technology digitized HRT’s first analog audio tape, and now we’re setting up the foundation for optimal digitization and carrier management of HRT’s complete video archive, It’s another important step in safeguarding and ensuring access to the country’s valuable cultural heritage materials.”

Manuel Corn said.

NOA has been actively enhancing the archiving activities of many institutions in the region for almost two decades. Beginning with radio-oriented projects in Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia, the company’s scope has expanded to encompass video archiving initiatives.

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About HRT

HRT (Hrvatska radiotelevizija) is a Croatian public broadcasting company. It operates several radio and television channels, over a domestic transmitter network as well as satellite. Television Zagreb (today Croatian Television) began broadcasting on 7 September 1956.

HRT is a national public service broadcaster, mainly financed by viewer/listener license fees and advertising. It has well exceeded a million radio and television listeners/viewers. Its headquarters, alongside Croatian Radio, Croatian Television and Music Productions, are housed at the new building complex at 3 Prisavlje, on the bank of the river Sava, just south of the center of Zagreb. HRT has seven regional radio stations and five regional TV centers. It has three national and eight regional radio channels, four terrestrial TV channels and one satellite TV channel broadcasting in Croatian. Since 1997, HRT radio and television programs have also been broadcast digitally via satellite throughout Europe. The two international programs, “Voice of Croatia” on radio and “Picture of Croatia” on television, are broadcast throughout Europe and overseas, notably in countries with large Croatian communities, such as Australia and the Americas.

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