FIAT IFTA Conference 2017

Broadcasters Dilemma with Archive Asset Management - torn between long term and production requirements

With periodical changes of production formats, dissemination platforms and content distribution, broadcasters do face a dilemma, when deciding for an archive format. Very often the flavor of the current production format, which is supported by current playout systems, is found as the one fit for all answer. The downside: the discussions arise every 5 years again.

Reality shows that any delivery from the archive is somehow transcoded or rewrapped. A new approach based on this fact is, to detach content from its original media format prone to obsolesence and rely on one normalised lossless format, which is performant enough to support all business processes between legacy archive and production workflows. Managed in a dedicated Archive Asset Management (AAM), legacy essence can be enriched with content-related information and kept inside a central OAIS repository for decades to come. The paper will outline the historical dimension of such a move by listing successful examples from broadcast industry and archives and giving insights on the ongoing evolvement of technology.


Join us at this year's FIAT IFTA conference for our colleague's presentation on above topic (Room 3, 14:00 on Thursday 19th)!

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