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NOA Pico LogoNOA's Pico bundles combine software and hardware to form single station ingest systems for audio or video carriers.

The combination of NOA’s digitization applications NOARecord (for analog and digital audio transfer) and FrameLector (for SD-video transfer), the appropriate hardware modules as well as the included PicoService introduce the possibilities and standards of professional high-quality audio- and video ingest for the use with small to medium size archives, or as on-demand add-on for existing digitization operations of large institutions.


Product brochures:

Download the NOARecord Pico brochure here.

Download the NOA FrameLector brochure here.


Common Characteristics and Features

In contrast to multi-seated digitization projects in a client-server environment, NOA's Picos offer the same quality of digitization on a much smaller scale and on a single workstation. All necessary components (a local database, transcoders, carriers, workflows, user rights) are managed by PicoService, an easy-to-use tool especially developed for management of ingest of small batches of carriers as well as detailed workflow template design.

Pico's add carrier dialogueIt allows users to add carriers one by one or via .csv upload directly into the recording software and chose predefined workflows via dropdown menu.

Those freely designable workflow templates include parameters for digitization and transcoding and offer an optional "Finalization" step including a command line interface, where the output of the system can be individually handled by 3rd party tools or simple batch files.

Audio digitization with NOARecord Pico

NOARecord Pico consists of the recording software NOARecord and the associated audio interface N7000c. 

Features and benefits at a glance:

1 to 4 stereo channels audio ingest system Standalone ingest system
BitProofTM - end-to-end data protection from the audio Complete transfer control via Tape Light Barrier, algorithmic and statistical analysis
Support of various export formats incl. BWF Runs with pre-definable capturing workflows
Includes phono preamp and digital de-emphasis for historical gramophone recordings Remote control of most typical replayers
Prevents you from erroneous transfers Eases your on demand archival ingests
Combines multiple devices in one unit: A/D converter, AES interface with CRC, phono preamp, remote control, monitoring, optical tape recognition

Dante interface for audio over ethernet

NOARecord Pico connects to any combination of four parallel replayers:

NOARecord Replayers

Video digitization with FrameLector Pico

Framelector_Pico_PictureWith NOA's FrameLector Pico, the unique transfer quality control including ISR events and RF data can be utilized also on the small scale of a single workstation ingest system. The bundle comes with the recording software FrameLector as well as a VTRi-1 module for ISR/RF logging and remote control of most common VTRs.

Features and benefits at a glance:


Dual-Channel Video Ingest System RF and ISR machine read out
Recording to mathematically lossless internal working format Export to most common production formats
Turnkey standalone entry system Excellent entry solution for video archiving
Prevents you from erroneous transfers Eases your on demand archival ingests
Substantially lowers maintenance costs on replayers (reactive maintenance of Betacam and IMX machines) Very low entry hurdle for technicians and archivist to digitize their video archive on demand.
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