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jobDB logojobDB is a workflow system which combines any kind and number of audio/video ingest stations and server-side tools into an effective industrial digitization facility. It offers thorough quality control and assurance on all levels, a multi-seated and labor separated environment for ingest and quality control, highest flexibility on file formats and workflows, and much more.

The jobDB system allows the set up of workflows for the ingest, reshaping, and analysis of media as required for archiving, retranscoding, or other complex business processes. Designed to bring all the scalability and efficiency of automated processes to the media asset management environment, jobDB reduces the cost of setting up and executing workflows while allowing quality assurance standards within the workflow to be improved.

Serving as a backbone for ingest applications and actLINE modules, jobDB allows the creation of ingest, reshaping, and QC workflows that greatly simplify the process of working with files, and which are scaleable from one to many human operators or automated machines. The most common output of a jobDB system is a target file accompanied by side-car .xml files (ingest reports, file analysis reports, etc.) which are grabbed by an existing MAM, respectively delivered to a client.


jobDB Architecture

jobDB acts as the central entity interconnecting all other applications and tools. Like in the below example of an industrial SD-video digitization facility, every step of the process (from retrieving a carrier from the archive to resorting or even destroying it) is managed and logged by jobDB. 

Recorded files are moved alongside with technical and electrical metadata from the ingest stations (in this case FrameLector) to a server called "General Public Path", from where any other entity of the system (e.g. QualityChecker, encoding processors, video file analysis tools etc.) are able to access it following the sequence of the underlying workflow. Only after a file has been declared as fit for the archive, the final target file (including metadata) will be delivered to a repository (e.g. an existing archive share).

jobDB schematics for video digitization

jobDB ControlCenter

jobDB's ControlCenter is the central hub to supervise and manage an entire digitization facility. It includes and enables functions such as

  • Setup of all connected ingest processors
  • Setup of all connected processors from actLINE
  • Individual design of workflows
  • Workflow prioritization
  • Integrated VideoPlayer giving access to frame accurate positions and access to dedicated linked files
  • Organization of pre-imported metadata in projects, collections, carriers, parts and tasks
  • Job automation and triggering
  • Printing of barcodes
  • Simple and advanced search options (including freely customisable SQL queries)
  • Report browser where reports can be scaled according to the needs of the client (e.g. to produce productivity results with just one click)
  • action logging: any process actions can be statistically collected, for example how many seconds a specifi c step in a workflow really takes.

  • Full access to quality analysis
  • Metadata export to Excel, CSV, XML
  • Artwork scanning (TWAIN interface)

jobDB ControlCenter

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