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medialector 48MediaLector is NOA’s ingest tool for quality-controlled mass migration of DATs and MiniDiscs from one to eight parallel stations.

MediaLector with 8 inputsMediaLector is capable of transferring up to eight stereo sources in parallel at 44.1-48 kHz resolution, extracting the audio information, and annotating relevant subcode while scanning the signal using NOA’s algorithmic detection. MediaLector also constantly monitors the status of error-correction stages in the DAT drives and annotates the quality-relevant data synchronously to the audio stream with Sony DAT machines. The result is a 100% documented audio transfer with a digitization proof-stamp written to the database along with the audio material.

MediaLector is available within the jobDB and mediARC process framework.

1-8 parallel transfers Audio stream resolution: 16-bit (32-bit)/44.1 kHz or 48 kHz
Manual load mode; Auto mode (upon pre-sorted lists); Barcode mode Automatic carrier manipulation (hands-off operation)
Tracks interpolations and DAT mutes Collects block error rates (BLER) in an easy-to-read trace
Tracks playback condition Outputs start IDs
Detects and optionally corrects eventual pre-emphasized audio Batch transcription maximizes throughput by outputting only the erroneous transcripts for QC (optional)
Create and edit cue and quality points during recording Set all-time undo trim points for start and stop of the audio
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