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mediARC  GUI 

Designed with the skilled archivist and archive management tasks in mind, the mediARC GUI is a Windows application that you use to access most of the mediARC functions. It’s the starting point for creating and describing an archive object, modeling or managing a workflow, and researching assets within the mediARC database.


mediARC WEB is a limited intranet Web version of the mediARC client. Any authorized user can log on to this online catalog to search metadata, prelisten/preview media assets, and order items in the archive.
The archive manager can restrict access to specific metadata categories for different groups of users.


DB Distributor

DBDistributor is the database proxy themediARC GUI uses to communicate with the database. With it you can configure multiple database connections, each with an optional fail-over connection.



The ProcessorHost is the database proxy for processors, the software modules that handle specific tasks within a workflow, such as the actLINE and ingestLINE processors. It is also responsible for rights management for different processes, and Garbage Collection of temporary workflow files within the General Public Path (GPP).



The FileManager is the link between user domain, system domain, and archive domain. FileManager moves files among the different domains using dedicated policies such as file-system-based copies, RemoteFileAgent, and StorageConnector. FileManager selects the appropriate access method depending on the request it receives (fulfilling typical OAIS needs).



StorageConnector acts as scalable conduit between system domain and archive. It works with the FileManager to shuttle files between the two domains. It can run its own transactions on asynchronous protocols, which makes it perfectly suited to talk to HSM or Storage ContentManagement Systems (SCMS).



RemoteFileAgent works with the File-Manager to transfer encrypted files to the user’s domain. Each user access domain gets its own RemoteFileAgent. A useraccess domain can be a local network on the premises where the mediARC system operates, or a distant network, such as a regional station.



WebPreviewServer acts as a streaming server for preview requests from mediARC Web. WebPreviewServer uses the preview cache of the mediARC system for reading in mediafiles, and it restricts access to media data by limiting the playable file range and the time the file URL is available.



NOA Emailer is a processor application built into a workflow that notifies you of specific workflow conditions. When the condition arises, it triggers an email. For example, you would receive an email when a certain workflow completes or fails.
mediARC API The mediARCAPI is a PL/SQL package that gives an API access to the mediARC system. The mediARCAPI is designed for access via Oracle database connections, or by HTTP via an Apache Web server over a PHP-based API wrapper (restapi.php). Typically, you would use the API to accesslow-level, detailed information about items within mediARC, or to trigger a workflow. 
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