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EXAMPLE 1: Validating quality in 60x realtime

The TAS (Traces Aided Spot) tool presents you with comprehensive quality parameters such as azimuth, correlation, peak, bandwidth, noise-floor, BLER (DAT), interpolations (DAT&CD), E32 error s (CD) and more in a two-dimensional graph, in line with the waveform together with other quality and workflow information. Algorithmic analysis can be produced by the Uniport WaveScanner or an ingestLINE™ product, and processing of the algorithmic metadata may be done on human level or per simple scripts defining the thresholds of QC. The time and effort required for this kind of quality assurance is independent of the program time, and the reduced footprint in quality assurance dramatically increases efficiency. And, yes, it is actually possible to verify a one hour program in 60 seconds.

EXAMPLE 2: Massive video ingest with QC

Video material from a variety of SD video tape formats shall be digitized by an ingest application and exported towards the archive in one uniform video archive format (such as MXF OP1a). RF Traces should be analysed independently from the ingest process and the compliance of the produced fi les needs to be verifi ed by a 3rd party QC engine.

Involved processors in the jobDB workflow:

FrameLector, MediaButler, VideoFileAnalyzer

EXAMPLE 3: Setting priorities and planning ahead for customer questions

6000 files from Client A need to get digitized with high priority while a 2.000-file in-house backwards digitization project needs to be cued behind. All work files need to end up in thecorresponding folders, but all metadata about the work done needs to be maintained such that even after the files have been delivered to the client, complete information about the process is available. This allows customer service to respond to any client inquiries that come in after the job is done.

Involved processors in the jobDB workflow

jobDB ControlCenter, ingestLINE CDLector/NoaRecord/MediaLector, MediaButler

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