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FrameLector Pico

FrameLector Pico is a single station ingest system for SD-video carriers offering high quality digitization and quality control on an entry level.

Any number of FrameLector Pico stations may be mergeded into a multi-seated digitization facility for high throughput. If you are looking for information on large scale digitization please see "Scaling".

FrameLector Pico is a bundle of software and hardware forming an independent stand-alone ingest system. It contains proven technology as well as NOA’s latest developments in hard- and software engineering. The combination of NOA’s ingestLINE™ application FrameLector™, the VTRi hardware, the optimized N6080 workstation, and the included PicoService introduce the possibilities and standards of professional high-quality video ingest for the use with small to medium size archives, but as well as on-demand add-on in the existing digitization operations of large institutions.


FrameLector Software
VTRi Hardware
N6080 Workstation
• PicoService

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• Prevents you from erroneous transfers
• Eases your on demand archival ingests
• Substantially lowers maintenance costs on replayers (reactive maintenance of Betacam and IMX machines)
• Very low entry hurdle for technicians and archivist to digitize their video archive on demand.
• Low Turnkey entry price


• Dual-Channel Video Ingest System
• RF and ISR machine read out
• Recording to mathematically lossless internal working format
• Export to most common production formats
• Turnkey standalone entry system
• Excellent entry solution for video archiving



1) What is the difference between FrameLector Pico and FrameLector?

FrameLector Pico is a bundle of software and hardware to form a single-station ingest system. FrameLector is the recording software included therein.

2) Which output formats does FrameLector Pico support?

With FrameLector Pico you can produce FFV1 and V210 (uncompressed files in any resolution desired. For any other file format, 3rd party encoders can be attached via Command Line Interface.

3) Can I start with one FrameLector Pico system and upgrade to an entire digitisation facility at a later time?

Yes, any number of FrameLector Pico stations can be upgraded to a multi seated digitisation facility at any time in combination with jobDB or mediARC.

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