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How to Scale NOA Products

NOA's systems are designed to be scalable to any project's size, going from 1 to n channels of input or an entire Archive Asset Management environment.

With NOARecord Pico and FrameLector Pico, two single-station ingest systems are available which can be used for on-demand ingest or to ingest small badges of carriers bit by bit.

As soon as more carriers need to be digitised in a systematic manner, a more sophisticated backbone is required. jobDB and (parts of) mediARC help to ensure smooth procedures, offer ample possibilities to shape content, facilitate multiseated and labour divided workspace, and are able to maintain a project for many years.

And finally, for any institution looking for a comprehensive archive which is capable of preserving and maintaining its content for another 50-100 years, mediARC is the solution to go for.

A customer may start with a PICO workstation for on demand ingest and extend it later towards a jobDB or a mediARC environment.






Single station / Standalone setup    
Multiseated and task-distributed project environment  
actLINE Module Support  
Transfer control during ingest
Predefined standard workflows    
On demand ingest    
Quality assured process incl. processlog      
API available      
Multi User enabled      
Individually designable workflows      
Retraceable and resettable workflows      
Centralized quality control and logging      
Multiple output formats      
Multiuser access management      
Freely Defineable Metadata Model      
Multiple order formats      
Remote access for users      
Media Archive Asset Management      

For more information on how to combine NOA’s products or on how to upgrade your project from Pico to jobDB or mediARC, please feel free to contact a NOA sales representative.

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