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Transfer Analysis NOARecord

Events give an immediate hint on problematic transfer zones, such as loss of bandwidth due to smeared heads, phase flip due to mis-phased replayers and/or tapes, as well as direct indication of anomalities of noisefloor raise. An especially viable azimuth analysis helps transfer technicians to align the azimuth correctly during the transfer on the replayer itself.

Besides quality events, traces illustrate a complete analysis of events along the audio file. Traces, as well as all quality-related events, are directly linked to the audio file and behave in the NOA players as zoom-able and linked information to give – also in an asynchronous parallel transfer – an immediate overview of the quality of the audio file no matter which carrier has been ingested. 

This quality-related information – collected at the moment of ingest – is then stored in the Pico™, jobDB™ or mediARC™ workflow system, allowing for both a centralized quality assessment and export from the workflow system to mediARC™ or to a foreign MAM system.

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